Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thats Entertainment!

Excitement galore this Friday night in Y.E.L.R.A.Land when TV came a-knockin'. Of course I was not involved. Thankfully. Turns out ABC filmed a reality date show at the restaurant in a vain attempt to milk more money out of a soon-to-be-dead form of "entertainment." It had something to do with a man and a woman eating dinner, talking and... Excuse me for a moment...

Okay... Back to the show. Apparently some people were oblivious to the fact that there was a production going on. I'll tell their stories a little later in the week.

The following conversation occurred when the production crew was looking around for places to shoot.

Production Guy #1: "What we could do is shoot in the restroom. They could get on top of the sink and just push everything to the ground. Then they could just start having sex right there. All the faucets should be on, too."

Y.E.L.R.A.: "That would get ratings."

Production Guy #2: "That would kill in the ratings."

Thankfully a camera never entered the restroom. I did get a front row seat for everything. Oh the stories I have. Well, not really. Just a few. Possibly just filler or an opportunity for Y.E.L.R.A. to complain about the stupidity of people and reality TV. You be the judge.


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