Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Someone Needs to Punch this Guy

I usually direct people away from the handicapped stalls. It's mainly because I don't want to hear them complain that there isn't any soap or towels in said stalls. They're the only ones with sinks, but we don't stock anything because people flush the paper towels down the toilet. Why? No one knows. Each stall is equipped with a little thing called a trash can.

The problem with flushing said towels is that they clog our septic system. Or so I've been told. Whatever. I'm just doing my job.

The first thing people see when they walk in are the handicapped stalls. It mostly has to do with the design of the restroom. When I kindly direct them to the "normal" stalls, they are surprised to see them. Their next question is "What are these over here?" I let them know that they're the handicapped stalls and I prefer to keep them open just in case.

People are cool about that. Most people actually are sensitive other peoples' needs. It's a logical story. I don't spend time in the main dining area so I don't know who is eating when. For all I know there could be several wheelchair bound people enjoying our food. I've even concocted a story, just in case I need to use it, about how a man in a wheelchair needed to use a stall really bad and the only two stalls that were occupied when he came to the restroom were the handicapped stalls. It was quite embarassing for me.

My strategy has nothing to do with the fact that my tip plate is located near the communal sink and that people would not see it if they washed their hands in the handicapped stall. I promise.

The other evening I directed a woman to the "normal" stalls. A man washing his hands overheard me and said the following:

"What are those stalls for? In case a circus of retards come down here to use the bathroom"

I suddenly got flushed with anger and quickly replied, "no, that's for people are in wheelchairs."

"Yeah, I'm sure you get a lot of those people here," he stated.

He then walked away.

I really wanted to punch that guy.


Anonymous Oedipa said...

No shit! I want to punch him too! You know....people suck.


9:59 PM  

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