Thursday, October 27, 2005

Batten Down the Hatches!

Oh, Lord! I cringe just thinking about tomorrow evening.

Let me explain. It all goes back to last night. One of the guys who fills in for me every so often came up to me and said that we would be both working in the restroom on Friday night. He said it was going to be busy.

This triggered some sort of primordial, territorial response deep inside me. "What?! Don't they think I'm doing good job," I asked myself. "What if they're slowly fazing me out of the restaurant? Danger! Danger Wil Robinson!"

I spoke with one of my managers and he explained. It turns out that a group of 500 people are going to invade on Friday night. Now, if you've read in the past, you know how much of a tough time I had with 100 people. Even last weekend's 200 people was crazy. Five hundred is a lot of people for our restaurant.

"Basically," my manager stated, "at around 10pm on Friday night this restaurant will cease being a restaurant and will be a night club. We wouldn't waste our time having 2 attendants down there unless we needed it." He also explained that the last time such a party was held in the restaurant he didn't get out of there until the sun came up.

Oi! That sounds bad. Turns out that there will be 2 DJs instead of the normal one. Each floor will have its own DJ. The basement (where the restroom is located) will turn into a dance floor. Servers will basically be running around and picking up after drunk people. In order to go from one floor to the other, employees will have to travele throuth a secret maze. I'm preparing my Bible verse in case I come across a giant spider.

Don't worry. I've already started to prepare for the ordeal. By "started to prepare" I mean I'm already angry and bitter. I'm also buying some alcohol because something tells me I'm gonna need it.


Blogger domestic_valerie said...

OH GOD! YELRA...that sounds awful, just awful. I have some wonderful ginger liquor...we'll make sure you can drink to forget your horrid Friday night.

I'll keep you in my prayers...

2:17 PM  

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