Friday, October 21, 2005

A Typical Evening and the Deaf Man that Really Wasn't Deaf

This occured last night. It's pretty indicative of what happens every night.

Woman: "Do you have to stand there all night?"

Y.E.LR.A.: "Yes."

Woman: "Why?!"

Y.E.L.R.A: "Because it's my job."

Woman: "Oh."


This evening a man walked into the restroom and following conversation took place:

Y.E.L.R.A: "How are you, sir?"

Man: "What?"

Y.E.L.R.A: "How are you?"

Man: "What?"

Y.E.L.R.A: "How are you?"

Man: "What?"

Y.E.L.R.A: "How are you?"

Man: "Fine... ," he then gave me a strange look.

Y.E.L.R.A: "Sir, I work here."

Man: "Oh."

It's as if a stranger in a restaurant wearing the attire that all other employees of the restaurant wear never, ever greeted him.


Blogger R2K said...

Great page man!

How did you find mine? Google search?

Hey feel free (if this doesnt risk your job or something) to take images of the bathroom in which you work. Id be glad to post it on my page, I can then link to your page, or not, or say where it is (or not if you prefer).


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