Monday, October 10, 2005

My Personal Record

I set a personal record on Friday night. I prevented FOUR couples from entering stalls together. Yes, folks! Friday was interesting. Here's the breakdown:

Couple #1: Woman walked into the stall and her man came up to me. He leaned in real close as if he was doing a drug deal and said, "I'm gonna go in there for a few minutes if you don't mind."

He then reaches for his money clip and tries to give me money. I actually looked down at his money. It looked as if he was trying to give me a dollar. My first thought was, "He's gonna have to give me more money than that." My second thought was how I was supposed to do my job. I had to kindly tell him no. He spent the rest of the time in the restroom waiting for his woman with a frustrated look on his face.

He eventually gave me the typically "no offense to you speech."

Couple #2: Man pulled woman towards the stall and she had that "oh, were gonna do something dirty" look on her face as she shuffled her feet towards him.

I kindly let them know that I could only allow one person per stall.

The man tried to blow it off as if I was assuming something offensive to him. His response was, "Don't think that! We're not going to do anything. She's my wife." There were other people around at the time, so I assume he was trying to save face. What really concerned me about this was the remark about her being his wife. I'm sure she appreciated the assumption that she was no longer a sexual object to him.

Couple #3: This one was a bit tough.

The couple tried to go in the stall and I stopped them. The man got really pissed at me.

It needs a bit explaining as well. Near the restroom is a rather large room that people can reserve for parties. He reserved this room and his friends and/or family were enjoying themselves that evening. Defending himself, he told me that he had paid $1500 for this room. In his logic this payment of $1500 gave him carte blanche to do whatever the hell he wanted to. He also gave me the "she's my wife" speech.

I had to explain to him that I still could not allow him to do such a thing. It got a little more heated than it should have been and he eventually demanded that I get the management to discuss this issue. To make a long story short, my manager spoke to him. All the guy really wanted to do was make out with his wife a little bit in a quiet area.

My manager explained just exactly why the restaurant doesn't want two people going into a stall together. He let him know that I was just doing my job. The man totally understood after the explanation. The funny thing was that he made the man apologize to me. I accepted the apology because I wasn't going to ruin the guy's night. Plus, I've played the asshole role way too many times in my life. It never really works out in the end for both parties involved.

Couple #4: He was gay, she wasn't. Nothing actually would have happened. In retrospect, I jumped the gun. However, I still claim it for the record.

October 7th, 2005! Four Couples! Will the record be broken? Stay tuned.


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