Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Critics Agree...

...that my job sucks. The following are real quotes from guests in the restroom:

(1) "I so don't envy you right now."

(2) "Did you ask for this job?"

(3) "Awww, looks like you drew the short straw tonight."

(4) "Are you on bathroom duty?"

(5) "I hope you get moved up from here." (The guest winked when she said that)

(6) "Where's your next job going to be?" (???)

(7) "You realize you can't do this job for that long. Maybe a few weeks is tops."

(8) "Your job sucks." (Spoken by guest who was upset I would not let her go into a stall with her friend.)

(9) "You're doing a great job." (Guest patted me on the shoulder when she said that one. As if I need reassurance.)

Your Ever-Lovin' Restroom Attendant really despises being told that his job is meaningless. I took the job because it was something I could do while attending class during the day. It is not intended to be my life-long career. It's intended to be an easy job that will not stress me out. The last thing I need is a stressful job that interferes with my school work. Granted, I realize that it's not the best job in the world, but it could be worse. Additionally, no matter which job I do I tend to take some sort of pride in it. Most people do. It's insulting when someone makes your job out to be meaningless.

Whatever happened to manners? I know that most of the idiots who enter the restroom have seen Forrest Gump. They probably think that it's the greatest movie ever made, which also explains why they can't figure out the faucets. I'm sure Forrest Gump's mother told him that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Let that be a lesson to you: Be nice to people no matter what the situation. You never know if your story could end up on the internet. Everyone's got a blog these days.

Alas, fair readers, I'm preaching to the converted. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

Love Always,


Blogger car said...

Hey you got a job and working your way through school--hopefully studying something useful instead of "Liberal Arts" At least you don't sound like a filthy hippy drug addict!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Apartment Number One said...

Hey Car-liberal arts is useful--we need more people to worry about the human condition.

Don't worry, restroom attendent, you sound like you have more integrity than those other folks--and I bet most of them work some crap-a** office job that they will never figure out how to get out of.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous John said...

Y.E.L.R.A -- I think you've got the right attitude -- it's a fine gig to pay the bills and it let you focus on school for the time being. Not only that, I think it suits your personality and gives you a great opportunity to observe the best (and worst) of human nature -- something that will you'll pobably be able to take great advantage of when you embark on your next venture after school. If nothing else, you have given many other folks something to look forward to waiting for the next confession to be posted. Thanks for keeping up with it!



10:34 AM  
Blogger ddt/pdx said...

Hey, I'm figuring out how to get out of my crap-ass office job! I think your job is awesome.

12:45 AM  

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