Saturday, August 27, 2005


O brothers and sisters, Your Ever-Lovin' Restroom Attendant has returned from his vacation at the Painted Ground. Sorry to be away for so long. It's been a hectic week. School started this week. Add that to the fact that it's been a hectic several days at the ol' place of employment and you have had one tired Y.E.L.R.A.

However, I can assure you that it has not been for naught. I have many fun stories to share. I must make this post brief, unfortunately.

The best quote of this evening comes from a woman who approached me and in a low voice asked, "Do you know where to get some blow? My friends wanted me to ask you. They thought you might know."

Yes, brothers and sisters, Y.E.L.R.A. was not prepared for that one.

Just for the record I had to inform her that I did not know. I'm willing to sell things such as cigarettes and condoms to make some extra cash. But, a line has to be drawn somewhere. I'd say at anything that would cause me to be charged with a felony.

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