Sunday, January 22, 2006

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Num... Awww, Just Kick that Chick in the Shins!

A tall, skinny Asian chick comes into the restroom.

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: Is it your job to be in the bathroom all night?

Y.E.L.R.A: It sure is.

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: Oh wow! That's so exciting!

She then hugged me. I feigned interest and lamely hugged her back. I didn't know her, plus she struck me as a few bricks shy of a load.

Later in the evening she entered with a tiny, gay Asian man. They seemed perfect for each other. They were both way too excited to use the restroom. I really wanted to punch both of them, but I was in a patient mood that night.

The tall, skinny Asian chick entered a stall and the tiny gay Asian man washed his hands. He soon overheard a group of 20ish women talking.

Tiny Gay Asian Man: Oh my god! Is it your birthday?

Woman #1: Yes it is!

Tiny Gay Asian Man: Happy Birthday! How old are you?

Woman #1: 25!

Just then the tall, skinny Asian chick came out of the stall.

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: Oh my god! Happy Birthday!

Woman #1: Thank you!

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: I'm 26! It's the perfect age! You know what my mother told me?

Woman #1: (sensing something is now slightly amiss) What... ?

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: She said that when you're 26 you're a Class-A woman! When you're 28 and not married, then you're Class-B! And if you're 30 and not married you're Class-C! Oh my god! Isn't that so funny?

Woman #1: Yeeeaaaahh...

The tall, skinny Asian chick and tiny, gay Asian man both decided to wash their hands. They proceeded to talk and squeal like thirteen year old girls. The rest of the people in the restroom couldn't help from staring at the couple. I didn't hear much of their conversation except for the following:

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: Oh my god! We hang out at the same places. Do you know Tish?

Tiny, Gay Asian Man: Tish?

Tall, Skinny Asian Chick: She works at Bobbi Brown.

Tiny, Gay Asian Man: Oh my god! Tish! I know Tish!

They both squealed and hugged each other. Finally, they left the restroom. The group of 2oish women were still there, applying their makeup.

Woman #2: What did she say to you?

Woman #1: Something about being a Class-C person.

Woman #3: Yeah, something about if you're in your thirties then you're Class-C.

Y.E.L.R.A: Oh, you missed it. If you're thirty and not married, then you're Class-C.

Woman #1: Whatever. She's a fucking idiot.


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oh. My. God. I know Tish! *squeal*

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