Monday, January 23, 2006

Meet Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead entered the restroom and I directed him to an open stall. After he was finished, he started washing his hands.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: Can I ask you a question?

Y.E.L.R.A.: Sure

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: Why'd you tell me where to go?

Y.E.L.R.A.: I'm doing my job.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: Yeah, but why did you tell me where to go?

Y.E.L.R.A.: If you have a problem with what I do you are more than welcome to speak to my manager about this.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: I don't want to talk to your manager. I'm talking to you. You didn't answer my question.

Y.E.L.R.A.: Well, the restroom can be confusing and I'm just trying to help people out.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: Well, you don't need to help me out. I've been to this restaurant several times and I know what I'm doing.

Y.E.L.R.A.: Well, I don't know that. Sorry to offend you.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: You didn't offend me. I just don't like being told what to do.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead then leaves

Y.E.L.R.A.: Have a great evening.

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead: *grumble*

Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead was forced to eat crow a short while later. These are the reasons:

(1) My manager was using the restroom at the time this conversation took place. He spoke to Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead and let him know that his employees should be treated with respect.
(2) A friend of Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead's happened to be tending bar that night. The bartender told Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead to quit acting like an asshole.

The next time Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead came to use the restroom, he apologized. I accepted his apology and told him not to worry about it. What else could I do? I'm not a big fan of confrontation. Additionally, I knew I had an advantage over the guy. If I started acting cranky and snubbing him I would be stooping to Mr. CrankypantsMcButthead's level.

In his lame attempt of an apology, he stated, "That's just my personality."

His personality is being an asshole. I bet that gets all the ladies.


Anonymous dawn said...

hahaha what an idiot!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Oedipa said...

Yeah...unfortunately, too many of his type abound.

10:03 PM  

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