Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Valet Wars

The other night one of the valets told me that some residents of an apartment building across the street from the restaurant have started a mini war. These residents are apparently upset that the valets take up all the parking spaces on the street. They've threatened to get the valets fired.

I understand the frustration over parking spaces, especially in this city. However, these residents are about the dumbest people in the world. They live across from three fine dining establishments. Valets come with the territory. Plus, you can't blame the valets. To use a common phrase, they're only doing their jobs.

They've apparently swept their building manager into this mini war. He complained to the general managers of all the restaurants that the valets have been urinating on his building. Which is very ridiculous because I see the valets using the restroom all the time. Thankfully none of the GMs of the restaurants are taking this seriously.

The sad thing is that the building has it own parking garage that is huge. It can accommodate a couple hundred cars. I think their are more spaces than apartments. Plus, it's private so no one using the nearby businesses can use it. The best I can figure is that these people who are complaining are too damned cheap to pay for a monthly parking space. Which is brilliant. Live in the one of the most expensive parts of town, but don't pay for a parking space.

Money does not buy intelligence.


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