Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year's Eve, pt. 1

Yes, Y.E.L.R.A. had to work on New Year's Eve.

Don't be sad for me. I had the previous 2 weeks off. It's not like I intend on ringing in 2007 in a restroom.

I have some stories to share. Surprisingly no one vomited in any of the stalls. I'll keep the first one brief because I'm currently serving a stint of jury duty. It's occupying a chunk of my time. Plus, I'm feeling a bit lazy.

New Year's Eve Story #1

Lady: "Can I get a couple of cigarettes from you? All I have is a hundred. Do you have change for a hundred?

Yes, Lady, I do. I often keep a bank of a hundred and fifty dollars. You see, I'm actually a millionaire playboy who is masquerading as a restroom attendant so I can win the heart of a simple girl. I got the idea from Madonna's "Material Girl" video. I'm currently buying a beat up Dodge truck from a guy on eBay.

Yes, folks. The stupidity never ends.


Anonymous Oedipa said...

2007? Did I miss a year? OMG! I thought we rang in 2006! I need to quit drinking I think!

12:32 AM  

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