Thursday, February 09, 2006

There's Someone for Everyone

A guy brought a group of friends into the restroom and pointed out one of the handicapped stalls.

"... and then I walked into the stall and she followed me in," he continued. "She then started hitting on me."

The crowd was astonished and replied with things like "No!" and "What did you do?"

"I got out of there and ran upstairs."

After hearing this I was a bit intrigued. I was also a bit amused. The image of a man running away at the sight of a woman in his bathroom stall seems a bit comical to me. I desired so much to hear the whole story, but I wasn't going to overstep my boundaries.

Later in the evening he came back into the restroom.

"Did you hear my story?" he asked.

"I heard a little bit of it," I explained. "She followed you into stall?"

"Yeah," he continued. "She was hitting on me all night at the bar. I thought I could get away from her when I went to the bathroom. She was this big, fat black woman."

"Oh," I replied.

I have to admit that I was taken aback by this last statement. An alarm went off immediately in my head accusing this guy as being racist. I'm sure I'm wrong about that. It's just that I always equate people with money as hating anyone that's not white. After careful consideration I concluded that he was just not attracted to big, fat black women.

Plus, I had a sneaky suspicion that he was not attracted to women at all.

To each his own.


Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I enjoy your blog, you have such a story! Sensitive.humorous. Creative. I just wanted to say Bravo and thank you !

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